Trixxia is committed to develop and introduce innovative and affordable information technology products and services for it customer needs utilizing our knowledge and experience in this area so that our customer is able to optimize the return of investment in IT. Trixxia is gearing itself toward the Information Age in Malaysia by being proactive and striving toward innovation in the ever changing IT world.

Trixxia strength lies in its people. The team comprises people with more than 150 years in the Information Technology. At Trixxia, professionalism, expertise, creativity and innovation are highly regarded. To us, a customer shouldn’t be left alone when making a decision particularly when it involves things that are beyond their control in the ever changing and evolving IT world. With our expertise and experience, Trixxia can complement our clients’ needs and wants by providing them with more than what they would expect.

Trixxia can generate and introduce innovative and sophisticated high-technology IT products ranging from computing technologies, LAN and WAN internetworking, graphics and multimedia development from concept design to publishing and IT consultation.

About Us

SOLVING TOWARDS PERFECTION is the commitment that we at TRIXXIA SDN BHD believed. With the convergence of computer, communication, information and entertainment fueled with the growing need of Internet and Intranet in Malaysia, Trixxia was formed with the vision to become the best and preferred Information Technology solution provider.

Trixxia Sdn Bhd possesses a highly qualified and creative workforce that pledges to serve our customer needs and demand with the best solutions in Information Technology. The main focus of the company is to provide the following services :-

• Linux Distribution, Support and Resources

• JAVA™ Based Application Development Services

• Document Management System (DMS)

• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

• Customized Application Development Consultation

• GIS Consultancy and Application Development Services

• Cloud Computing


Please email us at info [at] trixxia dot com for any inquiry.